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Dawn Prush (Detroit, MI )
July 31, 2006

I will never forget the memories we had growing up. 
I will always remember your smile. Our frienship will 
always be in my heart. Luv always. 


Kris Delmore (Belvidere, IL )
July 31, 2006

My deep sympathy and prayers are with you and your 
family. (I am a long-time friend of Brenda's), and have
 heard such good things about Scott. God bless you and 
give you peace as you mourn this great loss.


Steven Savage (Chapmanville, WV )
July 31, 2006

I would like to extend my deepest sympathy to his 
wife and children, then to his mother and father and 
his brothers and sister. I have known his family for 
many years now and Mother if there is anything I 
could possibly do please let me know. You all will 
be in our prayers.


Cindy Opperman (Westland, MI )
July 31, 2006

May you find comfort in warm memories of the beautiful 
life that has passed. May you find peace in the assurance 
that an even more beautiful life has begun for your 
loved one. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. 
Love, Cindy


jenifer myers (detroit, MI )
July 31, 2006

i just wanted to say that i will always keep u in my 
heart, and u will forever be loved and missed by every1


Jessica Myers (Detroit, MI )
July 31, 2006

i will always remember you scotty i love you love always 
ur cousin jess


Tina Milewski (Wyandotte, MI )
August 01, 2006

Uncle Bill & Aunt Brenda & Family I was really Shocked 
to hear the news of Scottie May God help you Through 
this Heart Breaking Time and also know that Part of my 
heart is also Broken I will always remember what a 
great person Scott was I'm Just sorry we didnt keep 
in touch over the Years Love Your Niece Tina


Debbie Lewis-Ramos (Detroit, MI )
August 01, 2006

You will never be forgotten, your crazy ways, your 
friendship & the way you showed people LOVE..
May your WINGS be Strong to watch over us all 


margaret mulroy (cynthiana, KY )
August 02, 2006

Bill, Brenda & Family I am so sorry to hear about your loss. 
You will all be in our prayers and thoughts. Scott was like 
my adopted son. As the days go by may your pain heal. 
Love Scott Bass's mom (maggie and jerry) 
We will Pray for you all


Scott Bass (cynthiana, KY )
August 02, 2006

In loving memory of my best friend who was like my brother 
I will never forget all the things we use to do together. 
May you all remember the good times. 
Scotty will never be forgotten. Love Scott, Cindy


Kenneth Davis (Phoenix, AZ )
August 04, 2006

To the Myers Family, you have my deepest sympathy 
and condolences. I had no idea Scotty was gone. I 
have fond memories of Scott always being so hospitable 
and so willing to help others and being a good dad to his 
kids. He will be missed dearly, you all will be in my prayers


Eric & T Baugher (Detroit, MI )
August 08, 2006

Scott, you were more like a brother than a friend. You were 
always there when anyone needed help or just needed to talk. 
It will never be the same without you. We will make sure we go 
to Bamboozles and talk about the good times like always and 
play Keno. We will always be here for your family, expessially 
your boys. You will always be remembered.


wendy parry (carbondale, PA )
August 08, 2006

my dear friend my love and prayers are with you and your family 
each and everyday. may you keep your faith in god for he and 
scott are looking down on you to help you thu this time. scott 
is telling you mom i love you and miss you . but im here with god 
and im at home. brenda i love ya my friend and i will always be 
here for you. so take good care and may god bless you and your 
family. love ya wendy



I have seen the sadness in your eyes
that comes from losing someone. 

I have heard the loneliness in your voice
that comes from missing someone.

I have felt the fear from your soul
that comes from needing someone.

I watch in silence-as you struggle
- for nothing but God can heal you -

I Promise  

The day God called you home  


Your resting place I visit
Place flowers there with care
But no one knows the heartache
When I turn and leave you there
A million times I've needed you
A million times I've cried
If love could have saved you
You never would have died
It broke my heart to lose you
But you did not go alone
For part of me went with you
The day God called you home.

It Should Be Him  
My dearest son, how my heart aches.
I loved you unconditionally and I still do.
I miss you so much, your smile and laughter.
My heart breaks, with every thought of you.

The pain is so great and hard to endure.
Every time I look at your picture, I wonder why?
I've cried so many tears, I want to scream.
Why did that man, have to cause you too die?

How I want to hug you and see your face.
I know life goes on but, it's just not fair!
You were loving and giving, full of life.
My heart tells me, It should be him, lying there! 

Brenda S. Myers

Copyright ©2006 Brenda S. Myers

Your Beautiful Face  
Oh' Little brother, where have you gone?
This pain in my heart, just lingers on.
I really long to see your beautiful face.
Why, did you have to leave this place?

We never had a chance to say good-bye,
Maybe that's why, I continue to cry.
My heart is broken, right in two,
I Love you Scott and really miss you!

I will never ever, forget your beautiful face,
As I sit, daydream and stare into space.
I know life will go on but, it won't be the same.
To lose such a great brother, is really a shame.

I sat here and wondered, can this be real?
Not too many people, can understand how I feel.
I have prayed, for this all to be a bad dream,
I feel empty inside, with nowhere to lean.

Shannon M. Nasser

Copyright ©2006 Shannon M. Nasser

Gone Too Soon  

You were taken away, 
before we could say good-bye.
No, daddy l love you, 
or a reason why. 

No one could have forseen, 
that you were going away,
We would have never dreamed, 
it would be today. 

You are Gone Too Soon, 
for us to understand,
Why the Lord took you, 
into His Hands. 

Gone to soon, 
to be with us many days,
For your laughter, 
love and good natured ways. 

So, when we miss you 
and think of you when we are down,
Our fond memories of you, 
are always around. 

We love you Scottie! 

Copyright ©2007 Kenneth Davis
Written for Scott by Kenny. 
Thank You & God Bless.



Is a word
That is used to describe
Something one-of-a-kind
Like a hug or a sunset
or a person who spreads love
with a smile or kind gesture.


describes people
who act from the heart
and keep in mind the hearts of others.


applies to something
that is admired and precious
which can never be replaced.


is the word
that best describes

Author Unknown

Why I Write  
I still can't believe, your gone.
Don't even know, if I'll ever go on.
Things, just wont ever be the same.
I'm just trying, too get past the pain.

I cry whenever I, see a picture of you,
I'm not really happy, just sad and blue.
I'll never get to see you, old and gray.
And I'll never forget, how you went away.

I write you poems, too ease my heart.
The words seem to flow, as I start.
I will visit you often and say your name.
I Love you Scott! You weren't to blame.

Shannon M. Nasser

Copyright ©2006 Shannon M. Nasser

Love To Ride  
You left me brother, what can I do,
I always knew, this would happen to you.
You'd ride your motorcycle, without a care.
One time you gave me, a real bad scare!

We went so fast and I held on tight,
The look on my face was, pure fright.
You laughed so hard, it was pretty funny,
I wouldn't get back on, for all your money!

For years after that, I wouldnt even ride,
You ask me to get on and I'd run and hide.
You loved cars and bikes, this I know.
My dear brother, why did you go?

Shannon M. Nasser

Copyright ©2006 Shannon M. Nasser

Someday We'll Meet In Heaven  
I know that you miss him and that is so sad
but, now he's in heaven, for that I am glad.
God needed His angel, in Heaven above
He's, planting His garden, His garden of love.

I didn't know him, I'm sorry to say
but, way too soon he was taken away.
We never think or dream of the day
God, will reach down and take us away.

You have your memories, in your heart they will stay,
you know you will meet him, in Heaven some day.
I know that you miss him and that is so sad
but, now he's in Heaven, for that I am glad.

Mary E. Calos

Copyright ©2006 Mary E. Calos

Our Guardian Angel  
We all know, it was your time to go.
Even though we all said, no.
Up in Heaven above you fly.
We still ask the question why?

You are at peace.
And all we have is grief.
You watch over us, day by day.
We hope and pray, our grief will go away.

You answered the Lords call.
Loved by many, missed by all.
We are with you, in our thoughts and heart.
One day we will be with you, never to part.

Wanda Susan Copley

Copyright ©2006 Wanda Susan Copley

Everyday Without You!  

Scottie, everyday without you, my heart breaks.
Dont know how to get past this, or what it'll take.
I miss you so much, I cant stand on my own.
Thanks for all the love, you have always shown.

Wonderful memories of you, shall forever last.
All the fun things we did, in the past.
The funny way you'd hide your smile,
But then, let it shine through every once in awhile.

I long to see your face, my dear little brother,
I could count on you, like I did no other.
I will always love you Scott, this I swear.
Brother and Sister, Love that's so rare!

Shannon M. Nasser

Copyright ©2006 Shannon M. Nasser

Not just a brother to me!  

Not just a brother but, a best friend to me.
You're in my heart and that is where, you'll always be.
Not just a brother but, a best friend to me.
I'll never forget you because, you are in my memories.
Not just a brother but, a best friend to me.
Sometimes we fought, sometimes we disagreed.
Scott, you were Not just a brother but, a best friend to me! 

Brian Myers

Dear Sweet Brother  

Dear Sweet Brother

My dearest Brother what can I say,
The hardest thing in my life, was when you went away.
I will never forget your kindness when, I needed you,
Now that you left me, what am I too do?

I can still see your face and hear your voice,
The day you left me, was God's choice.
I know that you loved me, this I know is true,
I have to close my eyes, just to see you.

I pray that I'll see you in Heaven, my Dear Sweet Brother
But, I have to stay here now for our, Father and Mother.
I will always remember, you had such a wonderful heart
I Love You Scott, even though we're apart!

Shannon M. Nasser

Copyright ©2006 Shannon M. Nasser

Wings For Scott  
Scott you didn't know, you had no clue,
Some special wings, where waiting for you.
When God called you, for your fitting of wings,
All the angels in heaven, started to sing.

So, when I get to heaven and I get some wings,
We will be smiling, for the angels will sing.
I will rejoice, in His sweet love,
Like you, I'll be one of His angels, in heaven above.

Mary E. Calos

Copyright ©2006 Mary E. Calos
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